About Us

Welcome to JJ CASE (www.jjcase.com).  We are a Canada-based cell phone case and fashion jewelry accessories online store.  We specialize in crystallized cell phone case and fashion Jewelry with Swarovski Crystal, the premium brand for the finest crystals manufactured by Swarovski AG.

JJ CASE focuses on design and crystallization of cell phone cases.  Our skillful workers glue crystals on cases one by one.   Every case is a piece of art.  We also offer wide range of fashion jewelry, such as necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, brooch, cellular charms, hair accessories, key chain and sets from Korea, Hong Kong and China.

JJ CASE’s mission is to bring the latest trends, the hottest fashion and the best buys products on the market to you at an affordable and reasonable price.  All you have to do is visit our website periodically to view what’s new, what’s hot and what’s up.  To make your style really outstanding, just stay with us.

JJ CASE operates on an ecommerce website.  To experience a safe, convenient and fun online shopping, please start shopping on www.jjcase.com now.  We will take care of you with our honest and reliable service.  You will have no worries and no panics.

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